Mharit Hulbert

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March Meet the Maker Day 1

Day 1 - Brand Introduction!

Hello! I’m taking part in March Meet the Maker this month, so I’ll be giving you little snippets about my business, what I do, who I am and much more over the next month. So I’ll begin with a wee introduction about my business Mharit Hulbert. 

My brand is me, myself and I, Mharit Hulbert. I am a bespoke silversmith and engraver and produce jewellery and silverwear. I work in both silver and gold producing unique handmade pieces using the age old technique of hand engraving in my designs. 

This is my logo. I love my logo! It came from a combination of my interest in Norwegian Rosemaling and scrollwork from gun engraving. I used only my initials as they are also my hallmark.

Workshop Updates

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