About Mharit Hulbert

My full name is Mharit Fiona Hulbert Knutsen. I set up my business in 2018 before I married my Norwegian husband and subsequently moved to Norway. 

I am a Scottish jeweller and silversmith who specialises in hand engraving. I design and create every piece myself.  

I have my own workshop on the beautiful island of Dønna, Helgeland in Northern Norway. My workshop has been built up from scratch which I have written about in some of my blog posts. 

I learned my craftsmanship from Malcolm Appleby, a renowned Scottish and International Silversmith, Goldsmith, Maker and Engraver. Malcolm introduced me to the beautiful traditional craft of hand engraving and I have continued the love and beauty of hand engraving in my designs.

When I was a child I made jewellery out of lucite glass beads and set up my own mini business, selling my lucite jewellery in local shops. When I was thirteen I became more interested in silver/gold jewellery and silverware. It was then, my mum introduced me to Malcolm Appleby. 

From the age of thirteen to twenty three I worked for Malcolm Appleby in his spectacular workshop, building up my skills and design techniques in a nurturing and inspirational environment which lead to an exceptional learning process. Malcolm not only guided me through practical creations, but also through the running of a silversmiths business. I have attended a number of symposiums, and helped in the running of a few.  

During my 10 years with Malcolm I entered a few competitions and some of the pieces I made for Malcolm were exhibited in his gallery exhibitions:

The Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council Competition in 2012 when I was 17 was my first engraving competition.

Malcom Appleby, Maker: 4-28 July 2012 in the Scottish Gallery Edinburgh Exhibition

Malcolm at 70: 2017 in the Scottish Gallery Edinburgh Exhibition

Workshop Updates

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