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About Mharit Hulbert

My name is Mharit Hulbert.

I am a bespoke designer and maker, jeweller, silversmith and goldsmith and silver and gold engraver.

I learned my craftsmanship from Malcolm Appleby, a renowned Scottish and International Silversmith, Goldsmith, Maker and Engraver.

When I was a child I made jewellery out of lucite glass beads and set up my own mini business, selling my lucite jewellery in local shops. When I was thirteen I became more interested in silver and gold jewellery and silverware. It was then, my mother introduced me to Malcolm Appleby. 

Since the age of thirteen I have worked for Malcolm Appleby in his spectacular workshop, building up my skills and design techniques in an nurturing and inspirational environment which lead to an exceptional learning process. Malcolm not only guided me through practical creations, but also through the running of a silversmiths business. Annually I attend a symposium which in past years I have helped to run. I was introduced to the beautiful traditional craft of hand engraving by Malcolm. I have continued the love and beauty of hand engraving in my designs. 

During my 10 years with Malcolm I entered a few competitions and some of the pieces I made for Malcolm were exhibited in his gallery exhibitions:

The Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council Competition in 2012 when I was 17 was my first engraving competition.

Malcom Appleby, Maker: 4-28 July 2012 in the Scottish Gallery Edinburgh Exhibition

Malcolm at 70: 2017 in the Scottish Gallery Edinburgh Exhibition

Workshop Updates

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