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Building the Walls

Building the Walls

It has been pretty busy the past 5 months. But finally! Finally, during the past few weekends in February and March the building in my workshop has finally started to make a move. My Fiancé and I have been beavering away, packing walls with insulation, cutting plasterboard and going through a ridiculous amount of screws!
We went on an outing to the local building supply warehouse. After purchasing wooden pillars, insolation, plasterboard and the much needed screws we trundled back to the workshop to unload what would become the walls for my workshop! 

As I have mentioned before, I will build a window from my workshop into the bakery cafe on the other side, but in the meantime this wall needed to be completely insulated. Whilst I cut up the insulation needed for each space in the wall, Dag-Einar was turning the lights on the ceiling so they don't disrupt the placement of the plasterboard and adding extra beams into the wall for support.  

We put plasterboard over the two walls that were made to divide my space up from the other businesses in the building.  I will say this, holding up plasterboard and screwing it in, is not as easy as it looks! However once completed gives a great sense of satisfaction! 

The biggest breakthrough was creating the space for the door. We screwed the plasterboard in place and then carefully cut out round the doorframe. I purchased a second hand font door that will be going into this pre-made space. I can't wait to refurbish and paint the door!

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