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Sharing the Space

Sharing the Space

I am lucky to be sharing the building with other local businesses. There is a bakery, a butchers, three offices and my wonderful workshop. This is a fantastic place to work. It is already busy with locals and visitors in the cafe and the working atmosphere is enjoyable. I was very proud to be part of the newspaper article for the opening of the building, alongside the other locals who have their businesses here. We also put up our postbox, with all our individual business names - quite an event.

Dynjarnes Eiendomes

Have you ever looked into a Christmas shop window and just want to be transported into the glittering scene you can see? I have always loved looking into sparkling windows, watching events unfold behind the glass. I want to create that feeling in my workshop. I am going to make a window from my workshop into the cafe, so visitors can look into the magical world of my workshop.

The walls on the inside of my workshop need to be finished first before I can install the window, however once that is done, I will be able to share my workshop with the visitor into the bakery, the butchers and the offices.

Workshop Updates

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