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Beginning Building

Beginning Building

The building needs to be divided up into all the different rooms for the businesses that are taking spaces in the building. We all chummed together to start this mammoth project. We got all the materials required from the local building store and the first step was transforming the wooden planks into proper supports for the walls in the building. These will be the start of the walls for my workshop and the three offices opposite me. 

After taking down all the metal shelves on the walls, we had to take down all the old florescent strip lighting - lader work is not my strong point. 

All this building work was nicely broken up with homemade picnics brought from our family friends home. We sat in the front of the building in the new cafe/bakery 'Bakertøtten', enjoying coffee bought from the cafe.

This is certainly a project I am really enjoying and I can't wait to see the progress!

Workshop Updates

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